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Life and Adoption Awareness Bracelet

Crystals surround this button Freshwater Pearl Pro Life/Adoption Awareness Bracelet. There is a sterling silver "Life" bead and heart baby feet charm.

If you would like to have a birthstone crystal surround the pearls instead of the clear, make your selection below.

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

Awareness: Awareness colors for life and adoption are white. The signifance of "white" is innocence and purity.

About pearls: The pearl is an organic gem grown within oysters and a few other mollusks. It is formed when a foreign object, like a tiny stone, makes its way into the mollusk's shell. The irritation caused by the foreign particle makes the oyster form a secretion, called nacre, to cover it. Nacre is the same material that forms the mollusk's shell. When dried, the particle again irritates the animal, so it begins to secrete again; as thousands of layers of nacre coat the intruder, a pearl is formed. The process takes anywhere from four months to seven years the longer the process, the bigger the pearl. A single mollusk can create dozens of pearls at a time, depending on how many particles enter the shell.

The pearl is said to improve self-worth and help people see themselves. It is an emblem of modesty, chastity and purity, and symbolizes love, success and happiness.

I think the pearl is a perfect symbol for the awareness colors. That is why I chose to use freshwater pearls and clear crystals in my design of this bracelet.