Essence of Fairy - Fairy Dust

Essence of Fairy ~ Fairy Dust is made using non-toxic materials. Made using aroma beads, glitter and glitter shapes of the moon, hearts and stars. The sweet aroma will fill your child's room for up to a month. Sprinkle a little on her pillow after the Tooth Fairy visits. Essence of Fairy is available in three different scents. Lavendar, Rose and Gardenia. Make your selection above. Essence of Fairy Fairy Dust is NON-EDIBLE. NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 5. KEEP AWAY FROM SMALL CHILDREN. DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO PUT IN THEIR MOUTH. PACKAGE CONTAINS SMALL PARTICLES, WHILE NON-TOXIC, MAY STILL BE HAZARDOUS TO SMALL CHILDREN.

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FairyDust$5.00Essence of Fairy Scent: 
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