Bella Charm Bracelet with Handcarved Wooden Wolf Charm ~ SOLD OUT!
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Just like you imagined the bracelet would look like. Here is our version of Bella Swan's Charm Bracelet given to her by Edward. It has a large 18mm Swarovski Crystal Heart, a beautiful Sterling Silver Chain, and a intricately designed and handcarved wooden wolf charm. This will make a beautiful keepsake for any fan of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga. Everytime you wear the Twilight Bella Bracelet you are sure to the love story of Bella and Edward. With the Twilight Bella Bracelet you will also get a card that contains quotes from the book depicting the significance of each charm. The Twilight Bella Bracelet comes in a box with a vampire blood red bow. Enjoy! Truly a treasure to be cherished!